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Shopping Guide of escalator chain

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Author : Cobain
Update time : 2021-03-17 14:16:29
Escalator step chain is a very important part of escalator or moving walk.
All of our escalator step chains are have the best quality on the market, all of our suppliers are OEM for known escalator factory, like Otis, Schindler, kone, Thyssen, ect.
So we can provide the 100% orginal escalator step chain for you.
We have all kinds of escalator step chain, and the details shopping guide as follows;
1, We have to check the brand of the escalator, like Otis, Kone, Schindler ect;
2, Then we must check the type fo the escalator, like Otis 506, 506NCE, ect;
3, Then we can check all the data sheet of the escalator step chain, like pithc distance, diamter of roller, diameter of pin, etc;
drawing of escalator chain
A Thickness of outer link plate I Width of chain roller
B Thickness of inner link plate J Diameter of step chain roller
C Distance between outer link plates Height/width of outer link
D Distance between inner link plats L Height/width of inner link
E Length of link plate M Pitch between pins
F Diameter of step connecting pin N Pitch between step connecting pins
G Length of step connecting pin O Roller bearing information
H Diameter of chain pin P Roller pin diameter
  Q Total pin length
Escalator chain is used in escalator and moving sidewalk system to transfer power and transport passengers. Escalator chains are widely used in subways, high-speed rail, airports, high-end shopping malls, supermarkets and other places along with escalators and other facilities, including various drive chains, escalator step chains and automatic sidewalk pedal chains.