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Help you know escslator step chain

Help you know escslator step chain
It's not esay to choice the suitabe escalator step chains.
This will help you to choice the right one for you.

1, You need know the brand of your escalator, this will help the supplier to check your needs first.

2, Then you need test five key datas on the chain.
Pls see the detail photos:
Help you know escslator step chain

A: pitch distance, test like the photo, pls note the location, the center of the pin!

B: diameter of pin, it's necessary.

C and D: test the size of outer and inner plate, sometimes they are not same.

E: size of roller, diameter and width.

3, Sometimes peopel will tell you that they are product's price is very cheap, and you can ask them, what's the brand of your roller? Do you heat treatment the plates? All of your datas are same as my needs? these questions will help you.