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How to maintain the home elevator

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Author : Cobain
Update time : 2021-05-06 14:54:11
Daily maintenance is carried out through eye, ear, nose, hand, body, equipment operation and observation, inspection and simple testing. Identify and resolve signs of failure. Routine maintenance is generally carried out once every 2 weeks. Regular maintenance is through the operation of equipment, home duplex elevator in some parts of the detailed inspection, repair, replacement, adjustment, so that the test site of the subject matter in line with the necessary standards, fundamentally ensure the quality of equipment. 
What to pay attention to when maintaining a home elevator
1,pay attention to the home elevator safety touch plate or light curtain type of touch plate switch line inspection, because the elevator switch door frequency is higher, will make the switch line damaged. 
2,home elevator door and car door maintenance. Elevator failure is generally more in the elevator hall door and car door, one is the door on the upper frame of the refueling place refueling, maintain good lubrication, the elevator will not be in operation and the door in the opening of the unpleasant sound. 
3. Cleaningand lubrication of the boot of the family elevator car. We all know that the guide boots run on the rails, the guide boots have oil cups on them, in order to make the elevator in operation do not produce friction sound must regularly refuel the oil cup and clean the boot, and should clean the car's hygiene. 
4,the home elevator traction machine needs oil lubrication. If you do not refuel, the elevator will not be well lubricated for a long time, resulting in the elevator traction and electric motor burned down. Elevator running time is long after the oil should be replaced in time, so that the traction machine always maintain a refreshing good lubrication. 
Home elevator maintenance cycle
It is recommended to maintain it once a quarter. Maintenance professionals need to pass the inspection, maintenance, replacement of professional equipment to ensure the elevator operation of professional equipment to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, the general maintenance cycle is generally 2 weeks, generally relatively simple process, need to be through observation, inspection, testing and other ways to maintain professional observation, inspection, testing and so on. 
Household elevator maintenance error
Home elevator in the process of use, some elevator users in order to reduce costs, save money, find temporary workers to do elevator maintenance, once the safety problem even responsible units can not find. If it is by professional companies to protect, on the one hand, maintenance technology and quality assurance, on the other hand, once the problem is also responsible. 
Precautions for the use of household elevators
1,keep the elevator car clean. Smoking is prohibited in the cabin, do not throw snacks or melon fruit and other residue in the elevator car, to avoid debris and other debris into the gap in the car door, resulting in damage to equipment. 
2,keep the elevator car dry, do not bring the flowing umbrella, rain boots into the car, one to prevent wet car floor makes people slip; 
3,elevator can not start, do not try to use hands, feet or crutches, sticks, sticks and other items to prevent the car to close, so as not to affect the elevator structure caused by danger. 
4,elevator failure needs to be calm treatment. When the elevator failure or some accidents, can not panic, more can not press the button in the elevator, should be timely by phone call for help or press the emergency bell. 
5,when the elevator is not working properly, should promptly notify professional manufacturers to carry out maintenance, must not be repaired without authorization.