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Causes and solutions for elevator door noise

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Author : Cobain
Update time : 2021-05-10 11:00:58
Causes and solutions for elevator door noise
For the safety of the elevator, the user first feel is the elevator door operation and the overall operation of the elevator, high-quality door operation can obviously tell the elevator users that our elevator is safe, so the quality of elevator door operation, can fully reflect the elevator manufacturers installation, maintenance of technical strength and technical level, improve the quality of door operation, remove door operating noise is an important work in the installation and maintenance work. Here is an introduction to the causes of elevator door operating noise and the method of solving them.
The reason why the hall door is jittery when running or even the hall door is a few millimeters off
Cause: (1) the door of the rails covered with dust formed by the blocky moths;
(2) There is a foreign object in the ground groove.
Solution Sand the door rails with fine sandpaper, remove dirt and scrub them with kerosene cloth to make them clean and smooth. Remove foreign objects from the ground groove.
The reason for the "when" sound when the hall door is opened
Reason: (1) hall door hook lock is not horizontal;
(2) The gap between the hook lock and the lock box is too small;
(3) The gap between the door opener knife and the hook lock wheel is too large;
(4) The door opener starts to open too fast.
Solution Adjust the level of the hook lock and the hook lock spring, adjust the gap between the hook lock and the lock box, adjust the gap between the door opener and the hook lock wheel to 4to6mm, reduce the starting speed, so that the opener will open the hook lock fully and then accelerate the operation.
The cause of the "when" collision sound when the hall door is about to close
Reason: (1) the gap between the door opener and the hook lock wheel is too large, , hall door prematurely unop opened the door knife;
(2) The door opens too fast at the end of the door.
Solution Adjust the gap between the door opener and the hook lock wheel, adjust the distance between the hook lock wheel, so that the opener can fully contain the hook lock wheel. Adjust the closing speed or torque less.
The cause of the "squeak" sound when the door is about to close
Reason: General hall door deputy door is plug-in, contact contact when the noise of "squeaker".
Solution Adjust the contacts to avoid friction between the contacts and their plastic boxes and apply a small amount of Vaseline.
There was a shrill sound of friction when the door of the hall was opened
Cause The side column on the support hall door is skewed and the fire-resistant edge of the hall door is friction.
Solution Adjust the side posts of the hall door so that they align with the edge of the ground and bolt firmly.
When you open the door, there is a sound of "twisted, " and "twisted"
Cause: (1) hall door mopping ground friction or hall door fire edge and door cover friction;
(2) Hall door anti-collision adhesive strip friction ground;
(3) The door wire rope has a dead bend, the door running wire rope produces a beating friction door lock box.
Solution Adjust the gap between the door and the ground, tighten the connecting bolt between the door cover and the upper bump, lift the hall door anti-collision adhesive strip and fix, adjust or replace the hall door wire rope so that it does not produce a beating when running.
When switching the door, it makes a "giggle, cackle" sound, accompanied by the reason of the hall door beating or swinging
Cause: (1) damage to the door wheel of the door panel or damage to the bearing of the door wheel;
(2) Door axle opening welding activities.
Solution Replace damaged door wheels, re-rivet or weld door axles.
The cause of a "buzz, buzz" or "click" sound when the door is switched on
Reason: (1) the eccentric wheel of the door panel is too small or too large to the gap between the door;
(2) the friction contact sound of the door machine cam;
Solution Adjust the gap between the eccentric wheel and the upper bump to 0.2to0.5mm, apply a little Vaseline to the door cam, and replace the door motor.
There is a cause of collision sound when opening or closing doors
Cause: (1) up-mounting skew;
(2) The installation of the hall door vision guard is skewed or the distance is too small;
(3) The door or side post is not affixed to the anti-collision rubber.
Solution Adjustments should be made with the ground cut on the same line, adjust the verticality and distance of the hall door as a boundary guard plate, hall door and side column affixed to the anti-collision rubber block.
The reason why the switch door makes a "sand, sand" sound
Reason: (1) the hammer and guide sleeve friction of forcing the closure;
(2) The wire rope head hanging the hammer is too long to rub the column to produce noise.
Solution Minimize the length of the guide sleeve, seal the hammer with a thermoplastic tube to reduce friction, cut off the wire rope head too long, or wrap it in plastic.